Recent Before & After Photos

Protecting Your Valuables After a Fire

We understand how important your valuables are. Whether that is personal value or value in the way your business operates. Extra care should always be taken int... READ MORE

We have the Knowledge and Certificates to Remediate Mold

SERVPRO of East Mission/South Edinburg is here to handle your water damage as well as certain scenarios that arise from there, like the growth of mold. We have ... READ MORE

Fire in McAllen Home Left Wooden Flooring Damaged

This Home was left with a significant amount of fire damage which left the homes wood flooring, walls, and ceilings affected with a large amount of soot damage.... READ MORE

Debris Left From Hurricane Laura/Delta

Parts of Louisiana were hit by 3 Hurricanes at the same time which left many areas filled with debris, damaged roofs and flooded homes as seen on the top left p... READ MORE

Water Loss at Local Small business Due to Storm

When it comes to commercial Water losses it is crucial to have a quick ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The reason being is so that way we will not interrupt bu... READ MORE

Fire & Water loss in Mission Home.

A fire caused by an outlet in this mission home affected the entire structure of the home and left our customer with no electricity. Due to the fire fighters ef... READ MORE

Sewage Back-up at City of Pharr, TX

Our SERVPRO team Responded to a call from the city reporting a sewage back-up which affected some homes and businesses. At the top left is a before of how the c... READ MORE

Water Loss at Walgreens, SERVPRO to the Rescue

A pill machine in the pharmacy area leaked causing a water loss in the middle of business operating. This leak ended up leaving standing water on the commercial... READ MORE

Standing Water In Client's McAllen Home.

While our customer was out of town, The kitchen sink burst causing a big leak. The water streamed all though out the Kitchen, Living room, and outside the drive... READ MORE

Local Heavy Rains Cause Floods And Storm Damage

A local night storm caused many floods throughout our community such as this Bush Supply company. Their store had at least about 12 inches of water throughout t... READ MORE