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Don't stress over a mess and call SERVPRO!

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

water damages SERVPRO Our admins are eager to take your call to answer any questions that you may have 24/7 at 956-585-3433.

It can be both devastating and frustrating when your home/business suffers from a water leak creating a mess and interfering with your everyday life. Questions begin to come to you 1 by 1, “Who do we call? Who could come on a weekend? Do we have to wait till tomorrow morning?” There’s 1 simple solution to your worries when it comes to water damage and that’s SERVPRO of East Mission & South Edinburg.

When you call the professionals to handle your water damage, you’re choosing someone with the proper training, and the best top-grade equipment, to provide a thorough & effective drying process. Our technicians are out on site every day taking readings to validate the drying process and assure that you are being provided back a home/business, “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage doesn’t send a text or call before they occur and that’s why we also offer 24/7 EMERGENCY water cleanup & restoration services. This means, no weekend/holiday/before-after hours will ever get in the way of SERVPRO going out to your property and working with you!

Know your insurance, BEFORE the storm.

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

water damages SERVPRO 24/7 mission tx Have Questions? Call Us Today – (956) 585-3433

SERVPRO is more than just a fire & water restoration company! We are in your community and eager to help! That’s why we’re here to also HELP prevent you as much stress BEFORE the storm!

One question I like asking at mixers is, “if your home fell victim to a major disaster tomorrow, would your insurance cover the damages?” Many times, we don’t have an answer or plan! Homeowners' insurance may help cover certain causes of storm damage, including wind, hail & lightning.

However, what most people FAIL to know is that damage caused by floods and catastrophic storms is typically NOT covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. It's important to read your policy prior to purchase to learn what types of storm damage may or may not be covered.

You might need additional coverage as an unnecessary cost, but consider the cost to rebuild or repair out of pocket. SERVPRO bases its pricing on national average or market rates, you’ll be glad you spent the extra funds on these types of coverages rather than having to pay out of pocket.

Take time now, before the storm, to make sure you are ahead for whatever may happen, instead of finding out you’re not covered in the MIDDLE or AFTER the disaster. 

But why choose SERVPRO?

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

why servpro You can call us for more information at 956-585-3433

You wake up at the crack of dawn to the sound of trickling water coming down the roof. Panic starts to rush through you, “there’s no one to call.” “Who would possibly answer right now?” “This is only going to get worse.” The questions begin to cloud over you and it might seem like an impossible fix but it doesn’t have to be.

SERVPRO provides 24/7 emergency water clean-up and restoration services, meaning if it's 3 am and there’s a pipe leak or you’re about to go to bed when you notice water coming out of the fridge that’s when you would normally panic but not anymore.

When you have a company, you can trust to perform beginning-to-end services, rest assured you and your family would be provided back a send of comfort knowing your home is “Like it never even happened.” Our certified & trained technicians are on standby ready to assist you. Admins are also on standby to answer any of your questions and provide 1x1 assistance with your insurance.

From point of contact to sending out a crew, we stand by your side during this time, “Like it never even happened.”

Winter Storms in the 956

2/13/2022 (Permalink)

Living in the valley, we don’t see many winter days but when we do... it gets cold! In 2021, Texas suffered a severe winter storm causing up to $15.1 billions in insurance loses. Being prepared for these short winter days is crucial not only for your well being but for your home as well. Preparing yourself for the storm might just be difference between needing to start an insurance claim or not.

We believe in being ahead of the storm per say and we can help you in doing so by providing some home preparedness tips you can follow to assure your Texas home is winter storm proof:

  • seal and weather-strip doors and windows.
  • Insulate walls and attic.
  • Install storm or thermal-pane windows or cover windows with plastic from the inside.
  • Repair roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on your home or other structure during a storm.

At SERVPRO we work 24/7 emergency services to be able to stand by the side of our customers if they suffer any water or fire losses due to a winter storm. We have admins who are on standby ready to answer any questions you may have and provide 1x1 assistance with your insurance provider making it easier for you.

Take precautions with broken sprinkler heads

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

Damaged home with contents scattered everywhere After a fire broke out in this home the sprinkler heads were faulty and DID NOT go off leading SERVPRO to the rescue !

A sprinkler line will continue to flow until the water is shut off. A typical sprinkler installation is capable of discharging between 20-40 gallons of water every minute. That’s enough water to cover more than 40 square feet of the gym floor in less than five minutes. The water will eventually seep into floorboards, causing the wood to expand. If water is left to sit long enough, the floorboards could buckle and any hopes of salvaging the hardwood are gone.

In an ideal world, every broken sprinkler head would be accidental. But we do also have accidents caused by kid’s even pets. Hanging lights, ceiling fans, wall clocks, and sprinkler heads are attractive targets for a group of under-stimulated and under-supervised kids. A random walkthrough of the facility at peak hours is a simple and effective supervision technique. Encourage members to notify staff if they witness raucous behavior and develop internal procedures to handle members who fail to follow rules.

Minimizing Damage from Broken Sprinkler Heads

If a water pipe bursts or a sprinkler head opens unexpectedly, you can save your facility thousands of dollars simply by knowing how to quickly locate and operate the water control systems. The first step is knowing where to find the controls.

The next step involves working with the contractor who services your suppression system. Have them explain your role in the event of an accidental discharge.

As a final note, initiate the evacuation plan immediately if the system engages because of a fire.

Pipe Burst due to Freeze

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

water damage pipe burst leak SERVPRO Wall cuts, like shown in this picture, provides a quicker and more efficient drying process!

I bet the first thing you ask yourself when your pipe burst after a winter storm is...” But why?” A more common question that you may think. We want to talk a little about WHY this happens and WHAT you can do to prevent your pipes from bursting in the winter

Water. It’s a very interesting liquid if ask me. When water is its liquid form, it’s molecules are in constant motion allowing very little space between them. As the temperature of the water starts to drop it begins restringing movement and creating a more defined structure, the molecules are becoming stronger now. As the water continues to freeze it continues to expand. What does this mean for your pipes... “POP!!”

What can you do to prevent pipes from bursting?

Allow faucets to drip. Letting your faucet drip promotes water movement. Moving water is less likely to freeze, even if it’s a trickle, it can help prevent your pipes from bursting.

Insulate pipes. Insulating your pipes adds an extra layer of protection from freezing temperatures. There are several materials you can use to insulate your pipes, such as foam and heat tape. You can usually find these materials at your local home improvement store.

  • Open sink cabinets. Opening sink cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms allows warm indoor air to surround pipes. The warm air around the pipes can prevent the water from freezing.
  • Maintain pipes.
  • You should routinely inspect your water pipes for any signs of damage, especially before the colder months.
  • Damaged pipes should be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Pipes that are compromised with cracks are more likely to burst at the slightest instance of water expanding.

At SERVPRO we work 24/7 to assist in any emergency services if you ever need us to come out to the home due to an unfortunate water loss in your home or business call the professionals. We provide a job experience, “Like it never even happened.”

Common Types of Fire Sprinklers 101

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

before and after a fire SERVPRO BEFORE & AFTER SERVPRO helped this home with the clean-up and restoration process, "Like it never even happened."

DID YOU KNOW!? According to the National Fire Protection Association, there’s a new structure fire every 63 seconds! Research by the NFPA concluded that sprinklers were effective at controlling fire in 96 percent of fires in which they operated.

The way that we see it is that it’s important to work with your fire protection contractor to fully understand how your system works and how to keep it properly maintained. Building owners often incorrectly think the fire sprinkler contractor will manage their system for them.

Without understanding your building’s sprinkler system, your building could be at risk of a large fire loss, and with that being said let’s talk about the Common Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Wet Pipe Systems – Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most common. When heat activates a sprinkler head, pressurized water stored in the pipes is released. Each sprinkler head is activated individually, which can help reduce water damage in the event of a false alarm.

Dry Pipe Systems – Dry pipe sprinkler systems don’t store water in their pipes. Instead, the pipes are filled with pressurized air. When a sprinkler head is activated, the gas is released and the pipes fill with water and discharge. This type of system is typically more complex and used in buildings or sections of buildings that are susceptible to cold temperatures.

Pipe Schedule Systems – In this type of system, the designer must know the hazard classification of the building or contents to be protected, the amount and duration of the water supply, and the specific placement of the sprinklers. This type of design gave way to hydraulically designed systems around the mid-1970s, but many buildings still have systems that were designed using a schedule. According to NFPA 13, pipe schedule systems cannot protect extra hazard occupancies.  

Hydraulic Systems – Now that NFPA 13 prohibits the pipe schedule method, except in very limited instances, most systems are designed using hydraulic calculations. This type of system uses mathematical analysis of the water carrying capacity of the pipe network to ensure that enough water is put on the fire to suppress it. It’s designed to match the potential fire hazard to the pressure and volume of the available water supply. 

After a fire you may feel confused, stressed, and more than a little vulnerable. Our technicians will treat your family with empathy and your home with great care. We will stand by your side through the claim, clean-up, and restoration process. All you would have is a home/business left “Like it never even happened.”

Before the storm hits

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

equipment hallway water damage Have Questions? Call Us Today – (956) 585-3433

SERVPRO of East Mission & South Edinburg responds immediately to your flood and storm damage emergencies.

We have the storm damage restoration experience and specialized equipment to restore your Mission/Edinburg home or business back to pre-storm condition.

You must be thinking in your head, “But what can I do BEFORE the storm gets here?”

Here are a few tips that can help keep you one step ahead of the storm:

  • Listen to weather forecasts & check your supplies
    • Although we can’t always predict extreme cold in advance, weather forecasts can sometimes give you several days of notice to prepare
  • Bring your pets inside
    • If you can’t bring them inside, for whatever reason, provide them adequate shelter. Try to keep them as warm as possible and assure they have access to unfrozen water.
  • Prepare your car EVERY fall
    • Routine checkup: heater, defroster, brakes, brake fluid, ignition, emergency flashers, exhaust, oil & battery
    • Check anti freezer lever
    • Replace windshield-wiper fluid with a wintertime mixer
    • Make sure the tires on your car have adequate tread & air pressure (replace any worm tires if necessary and fill low tires)
    • Keep gas full

When a storm hits your Mission/Edinburg home or business, you need help immediately. Our quick response will help prevent secondary damage and help reduce restoration costs.

what is the difference between black and gray water?

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

servpro 24/7 balck water Call now if you have gray or black water in your home and you’re not sure what it is at 956-631-0348.

Black water is the waste water from bathrooms & toilets that contains fecal matter & urine.

Kitchen and dishwasher water is also considered black water due to contamination by pathogen and grease. It is also known as sewage or brown water and can transmit diseases and bacteria, which can be harmful.

Black water is treated in a particular way. Biological or chemical treatment & disinfections are required to treat black water. There are several accredited treatment systems available for external use, as well.

SERVPRO of McAllen treats these scenarios with the intensity that they are by sending out our highest trailed and skilled technicians to do the clean-up & restoration for you.

When it comes to grey water, that’s going to be your bath and sink water.

This kind of water is clean water believe it or not, its recyclable!

Our technicians once they arrive onsite to the affected home, they would be able to identify to you if your home has been affected by black or gray water!

Call now if you have gray or black water in your home and you’re not sure what it is at 956-631-0348.

Fire BE Gone!

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

fire stop be safe stop drop and roll safety servpro Call 956-585-3433 for more information on our restoration process available. OPEN 24/7!!

There’re many precautions you can take to prevent fires in your home and feel safe. The reality is even if we take 1000 precautions accidents happen on a daily basis. Sometimes theses accidents can even be a result of mother nature. Lightning strikes shouldn’t be taken lightly, when the National Weather Service reports that lightning starts about 4,400 house fires each year.

There are 2 main sources we have found to help local residents be prepared in the event of a fire outburst:

  1. Smoke Alarms- We all remember the usual routine fire drills we would have in school hopping it would be during our p.E time to get out of doing exercise! How many fire drills do you remember having in your home? Or in your work scenario? Not many or none at all huh.. Let’s change that. Setting up a smoke detector can cut nearly HALF of the risks of fires. Remember to use the MUTE setting when cooking or baking instead of turning it off. Test your smoke detector once a month. Note: Make sure they are wired together, so that if one sounds, they all sound.
  2. Fire extinguishers- consider having 1-2 of these around the home. An extinguisher rated “A-B-C” is recommended for home use. Many are designed also just for a one time (take this into mind in the event you happen to use it). Note: if you the fire is not being put out by the extinguisher, drop the extinguisher and get out. There’s no need to play hero when it comes to a fire, go to your designated safe zone and call 911 for further instructions and don’t go back in the home.

If in the event if a fire, your home suffers from internal damages or your textiles do call us! Count on us to be there for you in the restoration process 100% of the way, and provide you back a home, “Like it never even happened.”